Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

The Iconic City Homes focusses on sustainable, environmentally-friendly buildings designed for the Nigeria climate using local skills, materials and products –making our homes and its environ significantly self-sufficient, environmental friendly and ultimately sustainable.

Our homes are carefully oriented on site to benefit from the site topography and to maximise environmental conditions such as natural daylight, wind direction carefully coordinated with building opening and shades to minimise use of energy.

Our buildings are sustainable by design and material, utilising clay tiles with deep roof voids to reduce heat gain during the day and reflective windows to deflect direct heat from the sunlight and reduce glare which improves the comfort of the occupant. All our homes uses energy efficient LED lighting tailored to suit each accommodation space.

Our environmental sustainable solution include the use of noise reducing (muffler) trees to reduce noise and dust pollution from the environment. Our street and green areas – playground, communal areas are lit by the use of low energy efficient self-powered external solar lighting.

We generate and treat our own water supply via an array of industrial borehole driven into ground and distributed around site and utilises a central biodegrading septic waste plant which utilises locally sourced biodegrading agents.

Westlink Iconic Villa – Features

  • Security
    • 24/7 side-wide Security CCTV & Monitoring Centre
    • 365 days Manned Exit/ Entry
    • High Security Fencing
    • Access control facilities
    • Intruder detection & Alarm systems
    • Video intercom call solution
  • Power / Telecomm and TV
    • Independent power supply
    • 24/7 uninterrupted power
    • No overhead services – all services are routed under ground
    • Site-wide internet services
    • Digital TV
  • Recreational activities
    • Landscape and green areas
    • Playground & play field
    • Community building
    • Swimming pool
    • Crèche
    • Gym
    • Multifunction Hall
    • First Aid room
  • Commercial Hub
    • Mini / supper Mart
    • Restaurant
    • Office Accommodation
  • Others Facilities / Service
    • Water treatment plant
    • Biodegrading Sewage Treatment plan
    • Underground drainage
    • Car park