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  • Where is Westlink Iconic Villa located?

    New Ife Road, Opposite Nigerian Breweries, Alakia Ibadan. The area is easily accessible by road via the Lagos-lbadan express which is only 5minutes away at the points it joins with new lfe express road.

  • How will you describe the property?

    Westlink Iconic Estates Limited (Owned by Chapter Estate Management and Odua Investment Limited).

  • What are the description of the property?.

    3bedroom luxurious Apartments with all room ensuite 4 Bedroom Terrace House, 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex, 5 Bedroom Semi-Detached duplex with B/Q, 5 Bedroom Fully detached Duplex with B/Q

  • What is the level of finishing to be provided in the property?

    The finishing is of basic and externally it includes external doors, windows, painting, fencing, landscaping, balcony railings. Internally the finishing excludes tiles, electric fittings, mechanical fittings, kitchen, POP and wardrobes. Higher specification finishes are available at additional cost depending on the quality of materials chosen. Buyers are welcomed and encouraged to use our services to complete their properties after choosing the materials. They are also allowed to employ contractors of their choice if they so wish. No additional cost is chargeable if they chose to use external contractors.

  • What type of title covers the land on which the properties are built?

    The land upon which the Villa is built is covered by a Deed of Sublease which is registered at the Ministry of Lands Ibadan.

  • Are there any encumbrances on the land title?

    The Land is free from any encumbrance.

  • What is the payment structure?

    Reservation fee of N500,000 is required for the flats whilst a reservation fee of N1,000,000 is required for the Houses. This is to be followed with an initial deposit of 20% of the selling price. The reservation fee is included in the initial deposit. Property will be allocated within one month of receiving the 20% deposit. The remaining balance is paid in instalment between 12-24 months. Please contact us if you require extended payment plan.

  • When will the property be allocated.?

    We will reserve your property upon receipt of 20% deposit for your chosen property. A letter of Allocation will be issued within a month. We reserve the right to cancel the allocation if you fail to maintain your payment agreement.

  • Can I convert my property to another use apart from residential?

    All properties within the estate are for residential purpose only.

  • Will you be providing furniture as shown in some of your videos.

    No furniture is included in the advertised prices. We are able to help with furnishing idea and acquisition at a cost.

  • How many residential properties are in the estate including flats?

    There are 124 residential properties within the estate. This is made up of 60 three bedroom flats, 40 four bedroom terraces, 6 Four bedroom semi detached Houses, 10 five bedroom semi-detached with BQ and 8 five bedroom fully detached Houses with BQ.

  • Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

    The Facility Managers to be appointed by the Developer will ensure the repair and maintenance of all communal facilities while Home Owners will carry out repairs and maintenance of their individual properties.

  • What other payment do I need to make in addition to the price of the property?

    5% of the selling price will be charged for the Survey and preparation of the deed of Sublease. This is payable before handing over of keys.

  • What are facilities / amenities in the estate.

    Drainage Systems, 24/7 Un-interrupted Electricity Supply, Street lighting, High pressure pipe borne treated water supply, Waste management system, Paved Roads with interlocking stones, High Perimeter Fencing, 24/7 CCTV monitored coverage, Electronic Estate pass, beautiful landscaping , Community building (which houses the swimming pool, Event Centre and modern fully equipped gym) , plenty of open spaces for outdoor activities, on-site accessible estate management staff.

  • Can I pay to your agent?

    No. All payments must be made to WESTLINK ICONIC ESTATE LIMITED at its designated banks. Cheque(s) should be issued in favor of WESTLINK ICONIC ESTATE LIMITED.

  • What happens if I cannot continue with the payment? Will I get my refund?

    Yes, however, letter should be written to the management stipulating your intent to discontinue with the purchase. Payments will be refunded within 90 days of receiving your letter subject to availability of funds with a deduction of administrative fee of 20% on payments made so far.

  • Is there going to be service charges in place?.

    Property owners and residents will pay service charges to cover maintenance, security and cleaning of the communal area of the estate, electricity and water will be metered. The rate of the service charge will be announced later. The developers do not see service charge as another money making venture. The model will be based on transparent cost recovery plus management fee model. The estate is being developed to be a low maintenance development

  • What actions will be taken against service charge defaulters?

    Service charge will run in a transparent manner so that all residents become comfortable that they are receiving value for the fee they pay. Defaulters will be dealt with in line with sales agreement and may be restricted from using some of the facilities.

  • Is there going to be a mortgage plan in place?.

    The developers have different payment plans in place for buyers which range from cash purchase to 48 month payment plan. Buyers who want to pay for a period beyond 48 months will be introduced to our bankers who will offer 70% loan to value mortgage at a competitive rate (both conventional and non interest mortgages available). The mortgage is available to Nigerians at home and in diaspora.

  • What number should I call if I want to make enquire or require the Application?

    For enquiries please call us or whatsapp on 07040004775,07040004776 07040004779

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